Wednesday, June 10

Program – Updated June 8, 2015

Wednesday, June 10, Morning


Business Meetings
ASCE JCEM Editorial Board Meeting

Forestry 1003

CII Business Meetings

Forestry 1613

Plenary Session: Wed-A

Earth Sciences 1013

Coffee Break

Forestry Foyer/Earth Sciences Foyer

Parallel Sessions: Wed-B
Constr Eng & Mgt-9: Productivity, benchmarking and workforce issues

Forestry 1005
Chair: Amr Kandil

Constr Eng & Mgt-10: Health & Safety

Forestry 1001
Chair: Linda Newton

IT-6: Computer Applications

Forestry 1003
Chair: Kasun Hewage

BIM-4: Applications

Forestry 1221
Chair: Nora El-Gohary

PM-3: Project performance

Forestry 1611
Chair: Ali Mustafavidarani

Sustainable Construction-4: Design and construction for the future

Forestry 1613
Chair: Jessica Kaminsky

Infra & Asset Mgt-6: Decision-making tools

Earth Sciences 1012
Chair: Dana Vanier

10:30-10:50 Exploring The Relationship Between Project Integration And Safety Performance (#311, abstract)

B.Esmaeili*, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; E.Pellicer, U. Politécnica de Valencia; S.Hasanzadeh, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; K.R.Molenaar, U. Colorado Boulder; A.Sanz, U. Politécnica de Valencia
Ergonomics and Physical demand analysis in a construction manufacturing facility (#231, abstract)

X.Li*, U. Alberta; G.Fan, U. Alberta; A.Abudan, U. Alberta; M.Sukkarieh, U. windsor; N.Inyang, All Weather Windows; M.Gul, U. Alberta; M.El-Rich, U. Alberta; M.Al-Hussein, U. Alberta
Automated Monitoring of Hardhats Wearing for Onsite Safety Enhancement (#138, abstract)

Z.Zhu*, Concordia; M.Park, Myongji U.; N.Elsafty
Integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) With Sustainable Universal Design Strategies To Evaluate The Costs And Benefits Of Building Projects (#109, abstract)

B.T.Alsayyar*, U. Ottawa; A.Jrade, U. Ottawa
Application of Prospect Theory to management decisions under risk on construction projects (#54, abstract)

J.Fiolet*, U. Waterloo; C.T.Haas, U. Waterloo
Risk Of Wildfires With Known Ignition Points: Case Of Residential Buildings (#234, abstract)

E.Kalhor*, U. New Mexico; V.Valentin, U. New Mexico
An Image-Based Data Model For Subway Condition Assessment (#245, abstract)

T.Dawood*, Concordia; T.Zayed, Concordia; Z.Zhu, Concordia
10:50-11:10 Comparison of Construction Equipment Emissions for Seven Construction Projects (#17, abstract)

W.Rasdorf, N. Carolina St. U.; J.Hummer, Wayne St. U.; I.Arocho*, N. Carolina St. U.
A Conceptual Accident Causation Model Based on the Incident Root Causes (#115, abstract)

E.Pereira, U. Alberta; H.Taghaddos, PCL; R.Hermann, PCL; S.Han, U. Alberta; S.M.AbouRizk*, U. Alberta
Multi-agent System for Improved Safety and Productivity of Earthwork Equipment Using Real-time Location Systems (#315, abstract)

F.Vahdatikhaki, Concordia; A.Hammad*, Concordia; S.M.Langari, Concordia
Improve Communication Process On Construction Sites Using Mobile Technologies And Cloud Computing (Paper in French, Presentation in English) (#346, abstract)

S.Frenette*, École de Tech. Supérieure; D.Forgues, École de Tech. Supérieure
Ex-Ante Assessment of Vulnerability to Uncertainty in Complex Construction Project Organizations (#70, abstract)

J.Zhu*, Florida Int. U.; A.Mostafavi, Florida Int. U.
Testing The Correlation Between Indoor Environmental Quality And Productive Time (#147, abstract)

W.Khoury, American U. Beirut; I.M.Srour*, American U. Beirut; A.Yassine, American U. Beirut
A State-Of-The-Art Competency Model For Advanced Commercial Building Workforce (#276, abstract)

D.Riley ; M.Roskoski; M.Safari; A.G.Zaballero; M.Kazemi Rad; S.Asadi*, Penn St. U.
11:10-11:30 Investigation On Construction Workers’ Social Norms And Managers’ Desired Norms Regarding Absence: Preliminary Results From A Norm Elicitation Study (#198, abstract)

S.Ahn*, U. Michigan; B.Choi, U. Michigan; S.Lee, U. Michigan
Live safety demos: New method to enhance situational awareness and situational interest through emotional engagement. (#218, abstract)

S.Bhanbadri, U. Colorado; M.R.Hallowell*, U. Colorado
Telematics Data-Driven Prognostics System for Construction Heavy Equipment Health Monitoring and Assessment (#149, abstract)

H.Said*, Santa Clara U.; T.Nicoletti, DPL America
A Semantic Similarity-Based Method for Semi-Automated IFC Extension (#156, abstract)

J.Zhang*, U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; N.El-Gohary, U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
A Framework for Organizations Performance Assessment Using Fuzzy Approach (#291, abstract)

E.Elwakil*, Purdue U.; Z.Rathore, Purdue U.
Photobiological Treatment Plants Which Are Integrated with Building’s Architectural Shell (#203, abstract)

N.Buzalo*, South Russian St. Polytechnic U.; P.Ermachenko, Platov South-Russian St. Polytechnic U. (NPI); A.Bulgakov, SWSU Kursk, Russia; R.Schach, Tech. U. Dresden
Road Maintenance Information Management System Based on Product Data Model Considering Disaster Use (#318, abstract)

S.Kubota*, Kansai U.
11:30-11:50 Measuring High-Level Project Productivity for Alberta Capital Projects (#239, abstract)

S.Yun*, Constr. Ind. Inst.; S.P.Mulva, Constr. Ind. Inst.; D.Y.Kim, Dongeui U.
Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Tool Belt Loading Effects on the Postural Stability of Construction Workers (#127, abstract)

H.Jebelli*, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; K.Yang, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; C.R.Ahn, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; T.L.Stentz, U. Nebraska–Lincoln
Enhancing The Construction Safety Training By Using Virtual Environment: V-Safe (#161, abstract)

I.A.Kiral, Bogazici U.; S.Comu*, Bogazici U.; C.Kavaklioglu, Minerva Consultancy
Design Change Management using BIM-based Visualization Model (#191, abstract)

V.Moayeri*, Concordia; O.Moselhi, Concordia; Z.Zhu, Concordia
A neural network based model for cost estimation of industrial buildings at the project’s definition phase (#28, abstract)

A.Alvanchi*, Sharif U. Tech.; A.Shafiee, Sharif U. Tech.; S.Biglari, Sharif U. Tech. – Kish campus
Governmental Dust Control in Construction Industry: A study of policies (#273, abstract)

W.Shibei*, Chongqing U.; Y.Kunhui, Chongqing U.
Using Game Theory for Creating Evolutionary Stable Strategy for Post Disaster Insurance (#29, abstract)

M.Eid, U. Tennessee; I.El-Adaway*, U. Tennessee; K.Coatney, Mississippi St. U.

Earth Sciences Foyer

Wednesday, June 10, Afternoon


Plenary Session: Wed-C

Earth Sciences 1013

Parallel Sessions: Wed-D
Constr Eng & Mgt-11: Productivity, benchmarking and workforce issues

Forestry 1005
Chair: Jeff Rankin

Constr Eng & Mgt-12: Health & Safety

Forestry 1001
Chair: Linda Newton

IT-7: Computer Applications

Forestry 1003

BIM-5: Facility Management

Forestry 1221
Chair: Sheryl Staub-French

PM-4: Organizational Leadership and Management

Forestry 1611
Chair: Amr Kandil

Sustainable Construction-5: Design and construction for the future

Forestry 1613
Chair: Mohamed Issa

Infra & Asset Mgt-7: Decision-making tools

Earth Sciences 1012
Chair: Miklos Hajdu

14:00-14:20 Scheduling Optimization of Linear Projects Considering Spatio-Temporal Constraints (#107, abstract)

N.Roofigari Esfahan*, McMaster U.; S.Razavi, McMaster U.
Investigating The Barriers And Potentials Of Applying Lean Principles In The Egyptian Construction Industry: An Action Research Approach For Applying Value Stream Mapping (#166, abstract)

M.R.Ali*, Cairo U.; A.Hamdy, Cairo U.; O.El-Anwar, Cairo U.
A Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for 3D Imaging Planning in Dynamic Construction Environments (#196, abstract)

C.Zhang*, Arizona St. Univ.; P.Tang, Arizona St. Univ.
Integrating Building Information Modeling And Conceptual Design Towards Effective Facilities Management: A Framework Title (#188, abstract)

E.T.Al-Kattan*, U. Ottawa; A.Jrade, U. Ottawa
Comparative study of relationship management in design-bid-build and design-build project delivery methods in infrastructure projects (#176, abstract)

J.Kereri*, Bowling Green St. U.; G.M.Gad, Bowling Green St. U.
Life Cycle Analysis Of Reused Steel Using The Economic Input-Output Method (#120, abstract)

J.Yeung*, U. Waterloo; S.Walbridge, U. Waterloo; C.T.Haas, U. Waterloo
Integrated Asset Management of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Systems – Borrowing from Industry Foundation Classes (#299, abstract)

A.Ganjidoost*, U. Waterloo; C.T.Haas, U. Waterloo; M.Knight, U. Waterloo; A.Unger, U. Waterloo
14:20-14:40 Optimizing Linear Schedules: Congestion-Minimization Approach (#125, abstract)

N.Roofigari Esfahan*, McMaster U.; S.Razavi, McMaster U.
Measuring Construction Workers’ Attention Using Eye-Tracking Technology (#222, abstract)

S.Bhoir, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; S.Hasanzadeh, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; B.Esmaeili*, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; M.D.Dodd, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; M.S.Fard Hosseini, U. Nebraska–Lincoln
Automated dimensional compliance assessment with incomplete point cloud (#163, abstract)

T.A.Czerniawski*, U. Waterloo; M.Nahangi, U. Waterloo; C.T.Haas, U. Waterloo; S.Walbridge, U. Waterloo
Evaluation of Organisational Context and Requirements for Leveraging Building Information Models to Support Handover and Operations & Maintenance (#251, abstract)

H.B.Cavka*, U. British Columbia; S.Staub-French, U. British Columbia; R.Pottinger, U. British Columbia
Do Strong Or Weak Ties Matter In Knowledge Networks? (#229, abstract)

C.Poleacovschi*, U. Colorado Boulder; A.Javernick-Will, U. Colorado Boulder
Reducing heat island effect by using Recycled Glass Cullet in Asphalt Shingles (#5, abstract)

M.Kiletico; M.Hassan*, Louisiana St. U.; L.Mohammad, Louisiana St. U.
A comparison of geographic intervention grouping methods for infrastructure intervention planning across multiple networks (#255, abstract)

C.Kielhauser*, ETH Zürich; B.T.Adey, ETH Zürich; N.Lethanh, ETH Zürich
14:40-15:00 Electronic Document Management Systems For Transportation Construction Industry (#132, abstract)

F.Guo*, Iowa St. U.; C.Jahren, Iowa St. U.; Y.Turkan, Iowa St. U.
Sensor-Based Factorial Experimental Study On Low Back Disorder Risk Factors Among Roofers (#238, abstract)

D.Wang, W. Virginia U.; B.Hu, W. Virginia U.; F.Dai*, W. Virginia U.; X.Ning, W. Virginia U.
Research for Generating 3D Model from Laser Scanner Data Removed Noise (#319, abstract)

S.Tanaka*, Kansai U.; R.Imai, Nat. Inst. for Land & Infra. Mgt.; K.Nakamura, Osaka U. Economic; K.Kawano, Kansai U.; S.Kubota, Kansai U.
Review Of BIM Quality Assessment Approaches For Facility Management (#342, abstract)

P.Zadeh*, U. British Columbia; S.Staub-French, U. British Columbia; R.Pottinger, U. British Columbia
Culture and Construction (#27, abstract)

L.Allison*, U. Washington; J.Kaminsky, U. Washington
3D Finite Element Modeling of Recycled Glass Cullets in Asphalt shingles (#6, abstract)

M.Hassan*, Louisiana St. U.; S.Asadi, Penn St. U.; A.Beheshti, Louisiana St. U.
Application Of FAHP And Shannon Entropy In Evaluating Criteria Significance In Pipeline Deterioration (#348, abstract)

Z.Zangenehmadar*, Concordia; O.Moselhi, Concordia
15:00-15:20 Benefits Of Integrating Building Information Modeling And Geographical Information System In Construction Management And Control (#167, abstract)

A.A.Al-Saggaf*, U. Ottawa; A.Jrade, U. Ottawa
Real-Time Accident Detection Using UWB Tracking (#275, abstract)

C.Andolfo*, U. Calgary; F.Sadeghpour, U. Calgary
Design and Development of 3D-CAD Engine (#321, abstract)

S.Tanaka*, Kansai U.; T.Froese, U. British Columbia; S.Kubota, Kansai U.; K.Nakamura; K.Monobe, Miyagi U.
Investigating Occupants’ Behaviour Using Emerging Building Information Modelling (#52, abstract)

H.F.Abanda*, Oxford Brookes U.; L.F.Cabeza, GREA Innovació Concurrent U. de Lleida Pere de Cabrera
Analysing Parties’ Behaviours on Mediating Building Management Cases (#51, abstract)

S.O.Cheung*, City U. Hong Kong; T.Y.Chan, City U. Hong Kong; K.T.You, U. Auckland
An exploratory study to investigate the influence of cement properties on the durability of concrete made with fly ash (#75, abstract)

A.Rosario-Lugaro, U. de Puerto Rico-Mayaguez; O.I.Molina-Bas*, U. de Puerto Rico-Mayaguez; E.Reyes-Pozo, U. Politécnica De Madrid
Coffee Break

Forestry Foyer/Earth Sciences Foyer

Parallel Sessions: Wed-E
Constr Eng & Mgt-14: Construction methods

Forestry 1001
Chair: Farnaz Sadeghpour

BIM-6: Facility Management

Forestry 1221
Chair: Sheryl Staub-French

PM-5: Risk and Project Controls

Forestry 1611
Chair: Konrad Siu

Infra & Asset Mgt-8: Decision-making tools

Earth Sciences 1012
Chair: Nora El-Gohary

15:40-16:00 A Typology for Space Usage on Construction Sites (#339, abstract)

A.Gordon*, EllisDon; F.Sadeghpour, U. Calgary
SocioBIM: Bim-To-End User Interaction For Sustainable Building Operations And Facility Asset Management (#326, abstract)

A.Shoolestani*, U. British Columbia; B.Shoolestani, U. British Columbia; T.Froese, U. British Columbia; D.Vanier, U. British Columbia
A Model to Evaluate the Maturity of Construction Organizations’ Disability Management Practices (#123, abstract)

R.Quaigrain*, U. Manitoba; M.Issa, U. Manitoba
Axiology-based Value Quantification Modeling for Buildings (#223, abstract)

L.Zhang*, U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; N.El-Gohary, U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
16:00-16:20 Predictive Modeling of Prefabrication Feasibility for the United States Electrical Contracting Firms (#150, abstract)

H.Said*, Santa Clara U.
A Decision-making Algorithm for Selecting Building Information Modeling Functions (#202, abstract)

S.Bhoir, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; A.Schwab, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; B.Esmaeili*, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; P.M.Goodrum, U. Colorado Boulder
Identifying Influential Factors for Capital Construction Project Planning Strategies (#56, abstract)

M.Safa*, U. Waterloo; S.MacGillivray, Valency Inc., ; M.Davidson, Ontario Power Generation; C.T.Haas, U. Waterloo; E.Gibson, Jr., Arizona St. Univ.; K.Kaczmarczyk, OPG
Statistical Modeling of Public Attitudes Towards Water Infrastructure Management Alternatives in Shrinking Cities (#221, abstract)

K.M.Faust*, Purdue U.; D.M.Abraham, Purdue U.; H.Zamenian, Purdue U.
16:20-16:40 Development Of A Cost Normalization Procedure For National Health Care Facility Benchmarking (#290, abstract)

V.Sharma*, U. Texas at Austin; S.Yun, Constr. Ind. Inst.; D.P.Oliveira, Constr. Ind. Inst.; S.P.Mulva, Constr. Ind. Inst.; C.Caldas, U. Texas at Austin
Tracking Indoor Air Quality of Buildings using BIM (#66, abstract)

M.Marzouk*, Cairo U.; I.Gamal; K.Al-Gahtani, King Saud U.
Guideline To Apply Hedging To Mitigate The Risk Of Construction Materials Price Escalation (#142, abstract)

M.A.Al-Zarrad*, U. Alabama; G.P.Moynihan, U. Alabama; S.Vereen, U. Alabama
A routing algorithm to construct candidate work zones with distance constraints (#261, abstract)

C.Eicher; N.Lethanh*, ETH Zürich; B.T.Adey, ETH Zürich
16:40-17:00 Role of Formwork Systems In High-Rise Construction (#349, abstract)

H.A.Abou Ibrahim, American U. Beirut; F.R.Hamzeh*, American U. Beirut
A Novel Framework For Bim Enabled Facility Energy Management – A Concept Paper (#258, abstract)

F.Al-Shalabi, Iowa St. U.; Y.Turkan*, Iowa St. U.
Management of Construction Risk through Contractor’s All Risk Insurance Policy – A South Africa case study (#192, abstract)

S.Musundire, U. Johannesburg; C.O.Aigbavboa*, U. Johannesburg
An Ontology-Supported Transaction Formalism Protocol in Infrastructure Management (#247, abstract)

J.Zeb*, U. British Columbia; T.Froese, U. British Columbia

UBC Museum of Anthropology

Awards Ceremony
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