Tuesday, June 9

Program – Updated June 8 2015

Tuesday, June 9, Morning



CIRS Auditorium

Registration and Breakfast

CIRS Foyer

Opening Remarks
Theme 1 Keynote Speakers: Emerging trends in Infrastructure Construction
Delivering large infrastructure projects in collaborative environments.

Ross A. Gilmour, B.C. Area Manager, Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Company
Smart infrastructure, data sensing and collection technologies, flying robots.

Burcu Akinci, Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
Theme 2 Keynote Speakers: Emerging trends in Design and Project Organization
Structuring, collecting and moving data from design and construction into facility management and operations

Geraldine Rayner: Architect AIBC BA DipArch RIBA LEED AP
Organizational considerations in BIM implementation, BIM deliverables.

Jennifer Whyte, Professor in Innovation and Design, School of Construction Management and Engineering, University of Reading, UK
Coffee Break

CIRS Foyer

Theme 3 Keynote Speakers: Emerging trends in Building Construction and Renewal
BIM, Virtual design and construction.

Marwan Bakri, Director of BIM / Virtual Construction Services, Ledcor Construction Limited
BIM, Lean Construction, prefabrication and modular construction, sustainable construction.

Mohamed Al-Hussein, Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta
Sustainable urban renewal, high-performance buildings, knowledge-based systems.

Chimay Anumba, Department Head and Professor of Architectural Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
Panel Discussion
(12:00-13:10 for CII Track)

Earth Sciences Foyer

CSCE Construction Division Meeting

CEME 2204
Chair: Farnaz Sadeghpour

Tuesday, June 9, Afternoon


(13:10-15:10 for CII Track)
Parallel Sessions: Tue-D
Constr Eng & Mgt-7: Health & Safety

Forestry 1005
Chair: Matthew Hallowell

Sustainable Construction-3: Design and construction for the future

Forestry 1001
Chair: Kasun Hewage

CII-Sponsored Research-1

Forestry 1003
Chair: Baabak Ashuri

IT-4: Computer Applications

Forestry 1221
Chair: Amr Kandil

Construction Education-1

Forestry 1611
Chair: Mohamed Issa

Construction Case Studies-1

Forestry 1613
Chair: Adel Francis

Infra & Asset Mgt-4: Performance Mgt

Earth Sciences 2012
Chair: Dana Vanier

BuildingSMART BIM Forum

CIRS BC Hydro Decision Theatre

13:10-13:30 Demographic Influences On Construction Craft Shortages In The U.S. And Canada (#183, abstract)

M.A.Albattah*, U. Colorado Boulder; P.M.Goodrum, U. Colorado Boulder; T.R.Taylor, U. Kentucky
13:30-13:50 Lessons Learned From Using Bio- And Environmental Sensing In Construction: A Field Implementation (#270, abstract)

W.Lee*, U. Washington; G.Migliaccio, U. Washington; K.Lin, U. Washington; F.Russo, U. Naples Federico II
System Dynamics Modelling For An Urban Water System: Net-Zero Water Analysis For Peachland (BC) (#63, abstract)

G.K.Chhipi Shrestha*, U. British Columbia Okanagan; K.Hewage, U. British Columbia; R.Ssadiq, U. British Columbia
Explaining The Influence Of Change Reasons On Cost And Schedule Performances (#317, abstract)

D.Grau*, Arizona St. Univ.; E.Back; N.Hossain, Arizona St. Univ.
Development of an Automated 3D/4D As-built Model Generation System for Construction Progress Monitoring and Quality Control (#312, abstract)

R.Maalek*, U. Calgary; J.Y.Ruwanpura, U. Calgary; D.Lichti, U. Calgary
Exploring Knowledge Areas Offered in Project Management Programs in Construction (#121, abstract)

L.D.Nguyen*, Florida Gulf Coast U.; Y.Chih, Australian National U.; B.García de Soto, ETH Zürich
An Empirical Study on the Sustainability of Panelized Residential Building Construction (#9, abstract)

H.X.Li*, U. Alberta; H.Yu; M.Gul, U. Alberta; M.Al-Hussein, U. Alberta; D.Chmiel
Forecasting breakage rate in water distribution networks using Evolutionary Polynomial Regression (#201, abstract)

F.Karimian*, Concordia; H.Elsawah; T.Zayed, Concordia; O.Moselhi, Concordia; A.AlHawari
“Speakers Include:

  • Sheryl Staub-French, Associate Professor in Civil Engineering at the University of British-Columbia
  • Linda Newton, Defense Construction Canada, Director, Project Development, bSC
  • John Hale, Department of National Defense, Chair, Operations committee, bSC
  • Susan Keenliside, S8 inc, Chair, Members community, bSC
  • Erik Poirier, University of British-Columbia, Chair, Communications committee, bSC TBA

13:50-14:10 A Strategic Safety-Risk Management Plan For Recovery After Disaster Operations (#106, abstract)

M.S.Fard Hosseini*, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; B.Esmaeili, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; R.Wood, U. Nebraska–Lincoln
Performance Indicators For Sustainability Assessment Of Buildings (#302, abstract)

M.Kamali, U. British Columbia; K.Hewage*, U. British Columbia
Multi-Perspective Assessment Method For Measuring Leading Indicators In Capital Project Benchmarking (#145, abstract)

J.Choi, U. Texas at Austin; S.Yun*, Constr. Ind. Inst.; S.P.Mulva, Constr. Ind. Inst.; D.P.Oliveira, Constr. Ind. Inst.; Y.Kang, U. Seoul
Maintaining Vertical Gardens Using Quadrotor Aerial Inspection (#67, abstract)

A.Bulgakov*, SWSU Kursk, Russia; R.Schach, Tech. U. Dresden; S.Emelianov, SWSU Kursk, Russia; D.Sayfeddine, South Russian St. Polytechnic U.; V.Erofeev, St. U. Mordovia, Saransk, Russia
Teaching Engineering Literacy To Non-Engineering Students In Formal Learning Environments (#324, abstract)

M.El Asmar, Arizona St. Univ.; A.Chokor, Arizona St. Univ.; D.Grau*, Arizona St. Univ.
Characterizing Bottlenecks in Building Design Coordination Meetings (#252, abstract)

H.B.Cavka*, U. British Columbia; S.Staub-French, U. British Columbia; M.Tory, U. Victoria
Condition Diagnostics of Steel Water Tanks Using Correlated Visual Patterns (#195, abstract)

V.S.Kalasapudi*, Arizona St. Univ.; P.Tang, Arizona St. Univ.
14:10-14:30 An Integrated Framework to Prevent Unsafe Proximity Hazards in Construction by Optimizing Spatio-Temporal Constraints (#126, abstract)

N.Roofigari Esfahan*, McMaster U.; J.Wang, McMaster U.; S.Razavi, McMaster U.
Optimization Of An Office Building Envelope For Environmental Impact Minimization (#92, abstract)

R.Azari*, U. Texas at San Antonio; S.Garshasbi; P.Amini; Y.Mohammadi; H.Rashed-Ali, U. Texas at San Antonio
Overview of Construction Sustainability Research Products (#134, abstract)

J.T.O’Connor, U. Texas at Austin; N.Torres, Fluor Co.; J.Woo*, U. Texas at Austin
Outdoor Automated Data Acquisition for Progress Reporting (#88, abstract)

A.Montaser*, Concordia; O.Moselhi, Concordia
Understanding the implications of augmented reality out of context in engineering education (#186, abstract)

S.K.Ayer*, Arizona St. Univ.; J.I.Messner, Penn St. U.; C.J.Anumba, Penn St. U.
Effectiveness of Automated Machine Guidance Technology in Productivity Improvement: Case Study (#269, abstract)

E.Rezazadeh Azar*, Lakehead U.; G.Agnew, Lakehead U.; A.Parker, Lakehead U.
Infrastructure Condition Assessment Based on Low-cost Hyper-Spatial Resolution Multispectral Digital Aerial Photography (#199, abstract)

S.Zhang*, U. New Mexico; S.M.Bogus, U. New Mexico; C.D.Lippitt, U. New Mexico
14:30-14:50 Hazardous Proximity Zone Design for Heavy Construction Equipment (#322, abstract)

I.Alwolusi, U. Alabama; E.Marks*, U. Alabama; N.Pradhananga , Florida Int. U.; T.Cheng, ExxonMobile Upstream Research Co.
The Effect of Shading Design and Materials on Building Energy Demand (#77, abstract)

N.Haghighi, Texas A&M-kingsville; S.Asadi*, Penn St. U.; H.Babaizadeh
Development and Utilization of the Project Definition Rating Index for Small Industrial Projects (#189, abstract)

W.Collins*, Arizona St. Univ.; K.Parrish, Arizona St. Univ.; E.Gibson, Jr., Arizona St. Univ.
An Integrated Process-based Simulation Platform For Construction Project Planning (#331, abstract)

R.Scherer, Tech. U. Dresden; A.Ismail*, Tech. U. Dresden
A Case Study of Hybrid Learning Implementation in Construction Engineering (#219, abstract)

A.Karabulut Ilgu, Iowa St. U.; C.Jahren*, Iowa St. U.; D.Jeong, Iowa St. U.; L.Cormicle, Iowa St. U.
A Smart Mobile App for Site Inspection and Documentation (#119, abstract)

L.D.Nguyen*, Florida Gulf Coast U.; A.Koufakou; C.Mitchell
Assessment Of The Level Of Service (LOS) Of Public Recreational Centre Buildings: An Uncertainty Based Approach (#308, abstract)

R.J.Ruparathna*, U. British Columbia; K.Hewage, U. British Columbia; R.Ssadiq, U. British Columbia
14:50-15:10 A statistical safety control model for construction sites using location systems (#40, abstract)

T.Edrei; S.Isaac*, Ben Gurion U.
Value – Oriented Approach to Home Energy Audit Process Design (#264, abstract)

F.Wu*, Penn St. U.; D.Riley ; R.M.Leicht, Penn St. U.
A Review of the Current Knowledge and Practice Related to Project Progress and Performance Assessment (#83, abstract)

R.E.Orgut*, N. Carolina St. U.; J.Zhu, Florida Int. U.; M.Batouli, Florida Int. U.; A.Mostafavi, Florida Int. U.; E.J.Jaselskis, N. Carolina St. U.
Using Simulations to better train future and existing Construction Engineers (#37, abstract)

T.M.Korman*, Cal Poly St. U.
Scheduling Refresher-based Rescue and Evacuation Training for Wind Turbine Technicians (#95, abstract)

K.Lawani*, Glasgow Caledonian U.; B.Hare, Glasgow Caledonian U.; I.Cameron, Glasgow Caledonian U.
Shifting Logics Of Constructability And Design: A Study Of Emerging AEC Integrated Practices For Energy Performance (#146, abstract)

C.Monson*, U. Washington; L.Osburn, U. Washington; C.Dossick, U. Washington; H.Burpee, U. Washington; G.Neff, U. Washington
Energy Loss Modeling of Water Main Breaks: A Hybrid System Dynamics Agent-Based Modeling Approach (#274, abstract)

H.Zamenian*, Purdue U.; D.M.Abraham, Purdue U.; K.M.Faust, Purdue U.
Coffee Break

Forestry Foyer/Earth Sciences Foyer

(15:40-17:20 for CII Track)
Parallel Sessions: Tue-E
Constr Eng & Mgt-8: Productivity, benchmarking and workforce issues

Forestry 1005
Chair: Farnaz Sadeghpour

PM-2: Project performance

Forestry 1001
Chair: Jeff Rankin

CII-Sponsored Research-2

Forestry 1003
Chair: Amy Javernick-Will

IT-5: Modeling & Simulation

Forestry 1221
Chair: Shabtai Isaac

Construction Case Studies-2

Forestry 1613
Chair: Adel Francis

Infra & Asset Mgt-5: Bridges & Pipelines

Earth Sciences 2012
Chair: Miklos Hajdu

BuildingSMART BIM Forum

CIRS BC Hydro Decision Theatre
Speakers continued from previous session

15:40-16:00 Culture And Organizational Culture In The Construction Industry: A Literature Review (#173, abstract)

J.O.Choi*, Iowa St. U.; G.M.Gad, Bowling Green St. U.; J.S.Shane, Iowa St. U.; K.Strong, Colorado St. U.
A Time-Cost-Quality Trade-Off Model For Nuclear-Type Projects (#244, abstract)

M.Shahtaheri*, U. Waterloo; H.Nasir, King Abdulaziz U.; C.T.Haas, U. Waterloo; T.Salimi, U. Waterloo
Development of an Operational Excellence Model to Improve Safety for Construction Organizations (#96, abstract)

H.Liu*, U. Kentucky; E.Jazayeri, U. Kentucky; G.B.Dadi, U. Kentucky; W.F.Maloney, U. Kentucky; K.J.Cravey, Day & Zimmermann
Building a sustainable occupant’s performance based model for institutional buildings (#303, abstract)

D.I.Salem*, Purdue U.; E.Elwakil, Purdue U.; A.Kandil, Purdue U.
Expediting Emergency Construction Procurements: Case Studies in Success (#94, abstract)

D.D.Gransberg*, Iowa St. U.; J.Rueda-Benavides, Iowa St. U.
Comparitive Study Of Current Practice In Bridge Condition Assessment (#220, abstract)

M.H.Ahmed*, Concordia; A.Bhowmick; O.Moselhi, Concordia
16:00-16:20 Exploring The Behavioral Pattern Of Stakeholders In Construction Projects Which Used Best-Value Selection (#287, abstract)

S.Hasanzadeh*, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; B.Esmaeili, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; K.R.Molenaar, U. Colorado Boulder
Principles, Characteristics, and Methodology to Develop a Project Management Assessment Tool at the Construction Project Level (#316, abstract)

A.G.Sanjuan*, U. British Columbia; T.Froese, U. British Columbia
State Of Practice In Portfolio Management: A Comprehensive Survey (#38, abstract)

R.Masoumi*, Northeastern U.; B.Ashuri, Georgia Tech.; R.E.Minchin, U. Florida; M.Shahandashti, Georgia Tech.; A.Touran, Northeastern U.
A Relative Energy Prediction Methodology To Support Decision Making In Deep Retrofits (#289, abstract)

P.Gultekin*, PSU; C.J.Anumba, Penn St. U.; R.M.Leicht, Penn St. U.
Implementing Alternative Technical Concepts in Design-Bid-Build Projects (#10, abstract)

D.D.Gransberg*, Iowa St. U.; G.M.Gad, Bowling Green St. U.; J.Rueda-Benavides, Iowa St. U.
Research For Generating 2D-Drawings of Superstructure in Highway Bridge (#320, abstract)

W.Jiang*, Kansai U.; S.Tanaka, Kansai U.
16:20-16:40 Quantifying the Socioeconomic Disruptions Caused by Construction in Densely Populated Areas (#76, abstract)

A.A.El-Sayed*, Cairo U.; O.El-Anwar, Cairo U.
Simulated Schedule Delay Mitigation via Float Allocation (#25, abstract)

G.Lucko*, Catholic U. America; R.C.Thompson, Catholic U. America
Energy-Based Safety Risk Management (#214, abstract)

D.Alexander, U. Colorado; M.R.Hallowell*, U. Colorado; J.A.Gambatese, Oregon St. U.
The Feasibility Of Plug-Load Monitoring And Energy-Saving Interventions In Residential And Office Buildings On The University Of Washington Campus (#18, abstract)

H.Kosonen*, U. Washington; A.A.Kim, U. Washington
A Case Study on the Use of LED Temporary Construction Lighting System (#135, abstract)

Y.J.Huang, U. Washington; K.Lin*, U. Washington; J.Angeley, U. Washington
Developing Failure Age Prediction Model of Hazardous Liquid Pipelines (#285, abstract)

L.Parvizsedghy*, Concordia; T.Zayed, Concordia
16:40-17:00 Social Capital in Construction Projects: An Exploration (#160, abstract)

T.Y.Koh*, U. Hong Kong; S.Rowlinson, U. Hong Kong; M.M.Tuuli, Loughborough U., UK
How well did a multi-stakeholder management framework for remote sites model the realities on and off-site of a scottish highlands infrastructure marine project- reflective case study (#325, abstract)

L.Kestle*, UNITEC Inst. of Tech., Auckland, New Zealand.
Motivation For Interface Management In Construction: A Project Complexity Perspective (#197, abstract)

S.Ahn*, U. Michigan; S.Shokri, U. Waterloo; S.Lee, U. Michigan; C.T.Haas, U. Waterloo; R.Haas, U. Waterloo
Data Collection Framework for Construction Safety Research (#110, abstract)

Y.Chen*, U. Toronto; E.Alderman, U. Toronto; B.Y.McCabe, U. Toronto; D.Hyatt, Rotman School of Mgt.
Identifying The Sources Of Complexity In The Urban Train Project In Puerto Rico (#64, abstract)

A.A.Gonzalez Quevedo, U. Puerto Rico – Mayaguez; C.Lopez del Puerto*, U. Puerto Rico – Mayaguez
BrIM Implementation for Documentation of Bridge Element Condition for Inspections (#262, abstract)

F.Al-Shalabi, Iowa St. U.; Y.Turkan*, Iowa St. U.
17:00-17:20 Advanced Work Packaging as emerging methodology to improve project performance in the industrial construction sector. (#230, abstract)

S.Ponticelli*, U. Texas at Austin; W.J.O’Brien, U. Texas at Austin; F.L.Leite, U. Texas at Austin
Business Meetings
ASCE CRC Business Meeting

Kaiser 2020

CSCE Construction Division Dinner