Monday, June 8

Program – Updated June 8, 2015

Monday, June 8, Morning


Plenary Session: Mon-A

Earth Sciences 1013

Opening Ceremonies
Coffee Break

Forestry Foyer/Earth Sciences Foyer

Parallel Sessions: Mon-B
Constr Eng & Mgt-1: Cost & Estimation

Forestry 1005
Chair: Das Dilip

Constr Eng & Mgt-2: Procurement, Contracting & Legal Affairs

Forestry 1001
Chair: Daniel Forgues

Constr Eng & Mgt-3: Equipment

Forestry 1003
Chair: Mohamed Issa

BIM-1: Planning

Forestry 1221
Chair: Fernanda Leite

Bridges-Design, Constr. & Mgt.-1

Forestry 1611
Chair: Shabtai Isaac

Infra & Asset Mgt-1: Decision-making tools

Earth Sciences 1012
Chair: Tarek Zayed

IT-1: Modeling & Simulation

Earth Sciences 2012
Chair: Aminah Robinson-Fayek

10:40-11:00 Better Infrastructure Procurement for Public Private Partnerships: An Australian Perspective (#20, abstract)

J.Smith*, Bond U.; M.Regan, Bond U.; P.Love, Curtin U.
Preliminary Investigation of the Impact of Project Delivery Method on Dispute Resolution Method Choice in Public Highway Projects (#228, abstract)

G.M.Gad*, Bowling Green St. U.; A.K.Momoh , Bowling Green St. U.; B.Esmaeili, U. Nebraska–Lincoln; D.D.Gransberg, Iowa St. U.
Challenges in Vertical Delivery for High-rise Building Construction (#74, abstract)

Y.Wei*, U. Toronto; A.F.Pinheiro, U. Toronto; D.Pedraza, U. Toronto; B.Wu, U. Toronto; B.Y.McCabe, U. Toronto
BIM Maturity Assessment And Certification In Construction Project Team Selection (#345, abstract)

A.Alaghbandrad*, École de Tech. Supérieure; A.April, École de Tech. Supérieure; D.Forgues, École de Tech. Supérieure; M.Leonard, Pomerleau Company
Withdrawn Infrastructure Rehabilitation Planning: Combined System Dynamics And Optimization Methods (#205, abstract)

R.Rashedi*, U. Waterloo; D.A.Saad; T.Hegazy, U. Waterloo
Application of Fuzzy Logic Integrated with System Dynamics in Construction Modeling (#50, abstract)

N.Gerami Seresht, U. Alberta; A.R.Fayek*, U. Alberta
11:00-11:20 Investigating the impact of defects on key stakeholders in the UK new housing sector (#35, abstract)

T.J.Hopkin*, NHBC & U. Reading; S.Lu; P.Rogers; M.Sexton
Best Value Procurement For Highway Design-Bid-Build Projects (#227, abstract)

B.R.Kolli*, U. Kansas; D.Tran, U. Kansas
A Rapid Lift Study Generation System for Heavy Industrial Projects (#32, abstract)

Z.Lei, U. Alberta; B.D.Ofrim*, U. Alberta; M.Al-Hussein, U. Alberta; A.Bouferguène, U. Alberta; T.Hasan, U. Alberta
Investigating model evolution in a collaborative BIM environment (#57, abstract)

E.Poirier*, U. British Columbia; S.Staub-French, U. British Columbia; D.Forgues, École de Tech. Supérieure
Withdrawn A Process for the Assessment of Infrastructure Related Risk due to Natural Hazards (#246, abstract)

J.Hackl*, ETH Zürich; B.T.Adey, ETH Zürich; M.Heitzler, ETH Zürich; I.Iosifescu-Enescu, ETH Zürich; L.Hurni, ETH Zürich
Hybrid Object Detection and Marker Recognition System to Monitor Performance of the Hauling Dump Trucks (#105, abstract)

E.Rezazadeh Azar*, Lakehead U.
11:20-11:40 Modeling Early Payment Discounts and Late Payment Penalties with Singularity Functions (#7, abstract)

Y.Su, Catholic U. America; G.Lucko*, Catholic U. America
Factors Impacting Selection of Construction Subcontractors (#335, abstract)

M.Ghaffari*, U. Calgary; F.Sadeghpour, U. Calgary
Optimize Earthwork Hauling Plan with Minimum Cost Flow Network (#175, abstract)

D.Li, U. Alberta; C.Liu, U. Alberta; M.Lu*, U. Alberta
Comparative Analysis of Existing Building Information Modelling (BIM) Guides (#293, abstract)

S.Keenliside*, S8 inc.
Ultimate And Fatigue Strength Of GFRP-Reinforced, Full-Depth, Precast Bridge Deck Panels With Zigzag-Shape Transverse Joints Filled With UHPFRC (#350, abstract)

M.Sayed-Ahmed*, Ryerson U.; K.Sennah, Ryerson U.
Modeling Subway Risk Assessment Using Fuzzy Logic (#225, abstract)

M.M.Abouhamad*, Concordia; T.Zayed, Concordia
Analytical and simulation modeling of bulldozer’s workflows (#148, abstract)

A.Bulgakov*, SWSU Kursk, Russia; G.Tokmakov, South Russian St. Polytechnic U.; T.Bock, TU Munich
11:40-12:00 An investigation into current tendering process in Saudi construction projects (#34, abstract)

S.A.Alhammadi*, Shaqra U.
Canam Group BuildMaster Building Construction Innovation (#352, abstract)

T.Bégin*, Canam Group
An Automated Model for Selecting the Optimum Mobile Crane Model and On-Site Position Using Genetic Algorithms (#128, abstract)

T.M.Zaki*, American U. in Cairo; O.Hosny, American U. in Cairo; K.Nassar , American U. in Cairo
One relation to rule them all: the point-to-point precedence relation that substitutes the existing ones (#340, abstract)

M.Hadju*, Budapest U.
Deconstruction and Maintenance of a Steel bridge using Fatigue data and BIM (#295, abstract)

C.O.Wokem*, SAIT; J.Subedi, SAIT
Developing a System of Systems Framework for Public Transportation Infrastructure Planning Using System Dynamics (#240, abstract)

S.Mukhopadhyay*, Purdue U.; M.E.Hassan, Purdue U.; A.Shafaat, Purdue U.
A Simulation Framework for Ex-Ante Analysis of Safety Hazards in Construction Projects (#100, abstract)

A.Alvanchi*, Sharif U. Tech.; F.Baniassadi , Sharif U. Tech.; A.Mostafavi, Florida Int. U.

Earth Sciences Foyer

Monday, June 8, Afternoon


Plenary Session: Mon-C

Earth Sciences 1013

Parallel Sessions: Mon-D
Constr Eng & Mgt-4: Scheduling

Forestry 1005
Chair: Jeff Rankin

Constr Eng & Mgt-5: Procurement, Contracting & Legal Affairs

Forestry 1001
Chair: Ghada Moustafa

Sustainable Construction-1: LEED/Energy

Forestry 1003
Chair: Nora El-Gohary

BIM-2: Implementation

Forestry 1221
Chair: Erik Poirier

Infra & Asset Mgt-2: Decision-making tools

Earth Sciences 1012
Chair: Dana Vanier

IT-2: Modeling & Simulation

Earth Sciences 2012
Chair: Linda Newton

14:10-14:30 Progress Tracking Of Multiple Projects Using Email And Voice (#211, abstract)

M.Abdel-Monem, U. Waterloo; Z.Abuwarda, U. Waterloo; T.Hegazy*, U. Waterloo
Withdrawn A Methodology to Evaluate the Effects of School Buildings’ Occupancy and Usage on their Energy Consumption (#185, abstract)

M.M.Ouf*, U. Manitoba; P.Merkel, Manitoba Hydro; M.Issa, U. Manitoba; P.Polyzois, U. Manitoba
BIM Obstacles in Industrial Projects: A Contractor Perspective (#26, abstract)

M.Ali*, U. Alberta; Y.Mohamed, U. Alberta; H.Taghaddos, PCL; R.Hermann, PCL
A Data Analysis Framework for Optimizing Occupant Energy Use while Sustaining Indoor Environmental Quality (#296, abstract)

T.Sharmin*, U. Alberta; M.Gul, U. Alberta; M.Al-Hussein, U. Alberta
Integration of Predetermined Motion Time Systems into Simulation Modeling of Manual Construction Operations (#60, abstract)

A.Golabchi*, U. Alberta; S.Han, U. Alberta; S.M.AbouRizk, U. Alberta
14:30-14:50 Assessing the Management Practices for Small to Medium Sized Canadian General Contractor Organizations (#116, abstract)

J.Rankin*, U. New Brunswick; C.T.Haas, U. Waterloo; H.Nasir, U. Waterloo; M.Issa, U. Manitoba; R.Quaigrain, U. Manitoba; T.Froese, U. British Columbia
Challenges and Obstacles Facing Tenderers Adopting E-Tendering in the Public Sector of the Construction Industry in Egypt (#86, abstract)

C.A.Khalil*, American U. in Cairo; A.F.Waly, American U. in Cairo
Thermal Comfort Assessment Through Measurements In A Naturally Ventilated Leed Gold Building (#13, abstract)

A.A.Kim*, U. Washington; S.Wang, U. Washington; D.Reed, U. Washington
A Framework For Classifying BIM Design Coordination Issues (#329, abstract)

S.Mehrbod*, U. British Columbia; S.Staub-French, U. British Columbia; M.Tory, U. Victoria; N.Mahyar, U. British Columbia
Optimizing Environmental Sustainability and Public Benefits of Transportation Network Programs (#49, abstract)

C.Limsawasd*, Florida Int. U.; W.Orabi, Florida Int. U.
An Exploration Of Image-Based Walk Through Technologies (#81, abstract)

D.C.Bradley, O’Kane Consultants Inc.; S.Rankohi*, U. New Brunswick; J.Rankin, U. New Brunswick; L.Waugh, U. New Brunswick
14:50-15:10 Multi-Objective Schedule Optimization Using Constraint Programming (#209, abstract)

W.Menesi, U. Waterloo; Z.Abuwarda, U. Waterloo; M.Abdel-Monem, U. Waterloo; T.Hegazy*, U. Waterloo
Closing the Contractual Circle: Investigating Emergent Subcontracting Approaches (#265, abstract)

S.A.Biancardo*, U. Naples Federico II; N.Osmanbhoy, U. Washington; J.Ottesen, U. Washington; G.Migliaccio, U. Washington; C.M.Clevenger, U. Colorado Boulder
Development and Validation of Regression Models to Predict Annual Energy Consumption of Office Buildings in Different Climate Regions in the United States (#78, abstract)

S.Shams Amiri; M.Mottahedi; S.Asadi*, Penn St. U.; D.Riley
Structuring The Adoption And Implementation Of BIM And Integrated Approaches To Project Delivery Across The Canadian AECO Industry: Key Drivers From Abroad (#59, abstract)

S.Tahrani, École de Tech. Supérieure; E.Poirier*, U. British Columbia; G.Aksenova, École de Tech. Supérieure; D.Forgues, École de Tech. Supérieure
Topic Modeling for Infrastructure-related Discussions in Online Social Media (#344, abstract)

M.NikBakht*, U. Toronto; T.El-Diraby, U. Toronto
An Image-based Framework for Automated Discrepancy Quantification and Realignment of Industrial Assemblies (#47, abstract)

M.Nahangi*, U. Waterloo; T.A.Czerniawski, U. Waterloo; J.Yeung, U. Waterloo; C.T.Haas, U. Waterloo; S.Walbridge, U. Waterloo; J.West, U. Waterloo
15:10-15:30 Construction Space Float Definition, Quantification, and Analysis (#200, abstract)

H.Said*, Santa Clara U.; G.Lucko, Catholic U. America
Quality Assurance and Risk Management – A Regulator’s Perspective (#351, abstract)

G.Larocque*, Assoc. of Prof. Eng. And Geosci. of BC
Discovering The Values Of Residential Building Occupants For Value-Sensitive Improvement Of Building Energy Efficiency (#226, abstract)

K.Amasyali*, U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; N.El-Gohary, U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Framing Construction Uses Of Virtual Information Models (#190, abstract)

L.Jiang*, Penn St. U.; R.M.Leicht, Penn St. U.; J.I.Messner, Penn St. U.
The Interface between Building Information Models and the Public (#310, abstract)

R.Grover, U. British Columbia; P.Li, U. British Columbia; T.Froese*, U. British Columbia
Improved Localization of Construction Workers in Video Frames by Integrating Detection and Tracking (#242, abstract)

M.Park*, Myongji U.; I.Brilakis, U. Cambridge
Coffee Break

Forestry Foyer/Earth Sciences Foyer

Parallel Sessions: Mon-E
Constr Eng & Mgt-6: Construction methods

Forestry 1005
Chair: Aminah Robinson-Fayek

PM-1: Planning, Scheduling & Control

Forestry 1001
Chair: Thomas Froese

Sustainable Construction-2: LEED/Energy

Forestry 1003
Chair: Konrad Siu

BIM-3: Implementation

Forestry 1221
Chair: Sheryl Staub-French

Infra & Asset Mgt-3: LCC/PPP

Earth Sciences 1012
Chair: Ali Mustafavidarani

IT-3: Modeling & Simulation

Earth Sciences 2012
Chair: Tarek Zayed

15:50-16:10 Constructability: Capabilities, Implementation, and Barriers (#14, abstract)

M.K.Al-Alawi*, U. Alberta; M.Ali, U. Alberta; S.Johnson, JV Driver; S.Han, U. Alberta; Y.Mohamed, U. Alberta; S.M.AbouRizk, U. Alberta
Design and validation of the first phase of the new Chronographical Standard Protocol for construction project scheduling (#104, abstract)

F.Ardila, École de Tech. Supérieure; A.Francis*, École de Tech. Supérieure
Brazilian and Canadian Oil & Gas Industries – Similarities, Differences, Challenges and Perspectives for a Sustainable Industry (#212, abstract)

R.R.Aragao*, U. Toronto; T.El-Diraby, U. Toronto
Automated Production Planning in Panelized Construction Enabled by Integrating Discrete-Event Simulation and BIM (#48, abstract)

H.Liu*, U. Alberta; M.S.Altaf, U. Alberta; Z.Lei, U. Alberta; M.Lu, U. Alberta; M.Al-Hussein, U. Alberta
Public-Private Partnerships – Analysis of Government Implementation Units (#301, abstract)

A.M.Abdel Aziz*, U. Washington; A.Elmahdy, U. Washington
Implementation of Construction Industry Best Practices into Workflow Management Systems (#260, abstract)

B.Golzarpoor*, U. Waterloo; C.T.Haas, U. Waterloo
16:10-16:30 Comparing Performance of Construction Projects Delivered through Different Delivery Methods (#277, abstract)

E.Rigotti, Polytechnic of Turin; G.Migliaccio*, U. Washington; A.De Marco, Polytechnic of Turin
Applying the Chronographical Approach for Modelling Different Types of Projects (#101, abstract)

A.Francis*, École de Tech. Supérieure
Comparative Evaluation of LEED and QSAS Credits using Life Cycle Analysis: Case Study from Qatar (#16, abstract)

S.O.Attallah*, Ball St. U.; A.Kandil, Purdue U.; A.Senouci, Qatar U.; H.Alderham, Qatar U.; K.Abdelwarith, Purdue U.
Methodology for Automated Generation of 4D BIM (#72, abstract)

A.Montaser*, Concordia; O.Moselhi, Concordia
The Influence of Public-Private Partnerships on Design Flexibility and Downstream Design Feedback in the Presidio Parkway (#179, abstract)

E.I.Antillon*, U. Colorado; A.Javernick-Will, U. Colorado Boulder; K.R.Molenaar, U. Colorado Boulder
Self- Calibrated WSN For Indoor Tracking And Control Of Construction Operations (#130, abstract)

M.Ibrahim*, Concordia; O.Moselhi, Concordia
16:30-16:50 Identifying Factors Affecting Motivation of Construction Crew Workers (#11, abstract)

M.Raoufi, U. Alberta; A.R.Fayek*, U. Alberta
Characterizing Coordination In Both Loose And Very Tightly Coupled Utility Reconstruction Processes (#181, abstract)

L.L.Olde Scholtenhuis*, U. Twente; T.Hartmann, U. Twente; A.Doree
Minimizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Water Consumption of Existing Buildings (#323, abstract)

M.Abdallah*, U. Colorado Boulder; K.El-Rayes, U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; C.M.Clevenger, U. Colorado Boulder
QR-Coded Clash-Free Drawings: An Integrated System of BIM and Augmented Reailty to Improve Construction Project Visualization (#187, abstract)

T.M.Zaki*, American U. in Cairo; C.A.Khalil, American U. in Cairo
Assessment of Network-level Environmental Sustainability in Infrastructure Systems using Service and Performance Adjusted Life Cycle Analysis (#102, abstract)

M.Batouli*, Florida Int. U.; A.Mostafavi, Florida Int. U.
Construction Productivity Model Using Fuzzy Approach (#307, abstract)

E.Elwakil*, Purdue U.; T.Zayed, Concordia; T.Attia, HBNRC
16:50-17:10 A Systematic Progress Model for Construction Method Innovation (#271, abstract)

Y.Qiu*, Hunan U.
Development of Mechanisms by Using Conceptual System Dynamics Models to Resolve Delay in Construction Projects (#279, abstract)

D.K.Das*, CUT, Free St., South Africa
ENERGY STAR Windows’ Performance and Orientation (#208, abstract)

M.Jalili, Colorado St. U.; C.M.Clevenger*, U. Colorado Boulder; M.Ozbek, Colorado St. U.; M.Abdallah, U. Colorado Boulder
Tracking Construction Projects Progress Using Mobile Hand-Held Devices (#65, abstract)

M.Marzouk*, Cairo U.; M.Zaher
Reliability Analysis Of Water Distribution Networks Using Minimum Cut Set Approach (#263, abstract)

A.U.Mohammed*, Concordia; T.Zayed, Concordia; O.Moselhi, Concordia; A.AlHawari
Robotization Of Slip Form For Monolithic Construction Of Tall Buildings (#68, abstract)

A.Bulgakov*, SWSU Kursk, Russia; D.Parshin, Don St. Technical U., Rostov on Don, Russia; N.Buzalo, South Russian St. Polytechnic U.

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